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Good for Remagen
We want to strengthen social cohesion in our city and provide support, especially in areas where the public sector is not sufficient. With great empathy, we find solutions to current social challenges and develop suitable projects.

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Human dignity is inviolable
The beginning of Article 1 of the Grundgesetz (Basic Law) can be read on the wall of the district
court in Frankfurt/Main. The idea of ​​human dignity is part of the self-image of community foundations. They stand up for human dignity, democracy and the rule of law.
It's good to do good.
The Bürgerstiftung Remagen is an independent, non-profit organization run by citizens for citizens in our city. It serves community life, helps people who are in need through no fault of their own, supports actions that serve the community and promotes model projects that describe new ways to strengthen the community. Tasks in the sense of the community that can be supported by the community foundation are, for example

  • Education and parenting
  • Youth, families and seniors
  • Culture and heritage preservation
  • Environmental protection
  • Maintaining traditions and customs
The Bürgerstiftung Remagen relies on donations to maintain its work.
Our projects for children, young families, our engagement advice, action days and the support of non-profit organizations live primarily from donations and the cooperation of private individuals like you.

Donation Account
Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler
IBAN: DE90 5775 1310 000 04000 10

Volksbank RheinAhrEifel eG
IBAN: DE59 5776 1591 0200 5833 00
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